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Building Progress Report

August 10, 2010

What the heck is that thing? That thing (reference the progress photos) is a high reach excavator with a crunching attachment that is actually "chewing" the AD Williams building. On July 28th, the demolition team began demolishing the east wing of the AD Williams Building. In a matter of one week, the wing was demolished and hauled off site. During the week of August 2nd, the high reach has moved over and started demolishing the west wing of the building. After the west wing is done in about another week, a portion of the north wing will be demolished. Then, the high reach will focus on the center core of the AD Williams building. The current schedule is indicating that the AD Williams building will be leveled sometime around the middle of September 2010.

Also during this activity, the demolition team has been physically separating the AD Williams from the West Hospital Building during the evening shift. This activity involves jack-hammering floor slabs and physically removing the brick and steel currently connecting the AD Williams Building to West Hospital "by hand." If you currently look at the south side of AD Williams / the north face of West Hospital, you can actually see between the two buildings from the fifth floor up. By the end of August 2010, AD Williams will be completely separated from West Hospital above the first floor.

After the building is demolished and leveled, the demolition team will begin removing the remainder of the debris and creating a hole on the project site. The Construction Team is expecting that the hole will be ready for foundation work around the middle of October 2010.

This is an exciting time during the project and we can tell by the increased amount of bystanders out on the surrounding sidewalks, we have caught the attention of the campus. As always, the Construction Team appreciates the University Community's patience and understanding throughout this demolition and construction process.

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