School of Medicine Virginia Commonwealth University VCU Medical Center

Sustainable Features

As part of VCU's commitment to a greener campus, the new building is being designed to LEED Silver standards and will include the following features:

Alternative Transportation: The urban setting of our site allows for several bus lines within 1/4 mile of our building.

Heat Island Effect: White EPDM roof reduce the heat energy absorbed by the building and reflects it back, drastically reducing the cooling load on the building.

Energy Recovery Wheel: These wheels recover the heated or cooled exhaust air and conditions incoming fresh air thus reducing the energy required to heat or cool the air.

Climate Wall System: The climate wall system at the south and west facade of the building trap heated air between the two systems of glass and then exhausts it, thus reducing the cooling load. In addition, the louvers within the climate wall are controlled by a sun tracking system that maneuvers the louvers and reduces direct sunlight (solar heat gain) within the building.

Neutral Air/Chilled Beams: Reduces air quantity required to condition the space. This system removes 90% of the reheat coils that would normally be required. This saves energy by eliminating the requirements to reheat the air, then cool it again.

Storm Water Reclamation Tank: The stormwater reclamation tank collects stormwater from the roof instead of draining to the city of Richmond stormwater collection system. Rather, it is conditioned and stored for use in toilets and urinals. It is also to be used as make-up water for the cooling towers.

Minimum Energy Performance: This is a prerequisite, but our electrical design must meet the stringent energy requirements of 2007 ASHRAE 90.1 which limits the watts/SF in the building.

Design & Construction Team: